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Our Services

Digital X-Rays

Our new digital x-ray technology decreases the x-ray radiations emitted on patients by 50%! The quick results from digital imaging allow you to view and better understand the diagnosis from your doctor.


New bleaching technology with quick, noticeable results within an hour! The duration of whitening result depends on your genetics and habit, but most they general last for a year.


Tooth extractions may be necessary for reasons such as a crowded mouth, infection, risk of infection, and periodontal disease. Most commonly though, extractions are needed when a tooth is too badly damaged from trauma or decay, and cannot be repaired.


Dental implants are natural looking and very stable providing more comfort for patients than other tooth replacements options. They are convenient and easy to clean and care for, making everyday activities more enjoyable.

Other Services

Our highly trained professionals expertise in many areas of dentistry and provide patients with any dental care that they need such as periodontic, endodontic, prosthodontic, esthetic, anesthetic, and cosmetic dentistry.